My Books

Alas, none have been finished yet. However, three books are in the works. The first one, “Upheaval: Finding Myself Again” is a poetry book that will be published in the upcoming month that encompasses my journey back to discovering myself. It will feature thirty poems out of the 200+ that I have written over the past year and a half. The second book, title coming soon, is a fictional novel that chronicles the lives of eight young individuals that discover they are more powerful than they realize. This novel will blend elements of fantasy, sci-fi, and spiritual concepts. The release date for this novel is tentative, however, I will be looking to publish it sometime in the next year, possibly earlier if my procrastination doesn’t get the better of me. The third is actually a self help book by a procrastinator, for procrastinators. Look out for this book to be released in the next few months. I will inform you through updates on the status of these works, and may even offer the poetry book on a giveaway status. For details on this, please sign up for my weekly transmission newsletter that will be sent out every Monday by filling out the form below! Peace, love, and awareness my friends!