I could lend my voice to your song, Or I could lend my voice to my song, Or I could lend my voice to a percentage Of both at once. But would that song sound so sweet? To Liberate my voice, And to sing this song of Life, Requires an inner drive That’ll never subside. … More Liberate

Hero’s Song

They say it is In those dark places, Where the walls breathe And void screams, That the deepest treasures lie. We placed them there ourselves Long ago. Now, just a whisper in thine ear. Constant, like the beating of the Heart, The Hero’s song plays in these Dark lands, Beckoning you to come. The question … More Hero’s Song

Intertwined Worlds

Incoming…transmission Can you hear me? Or do you hear the Clicking drop of a leaky Faucet? Does this not echo across Eons and Space to reach Your wonderful ear, Connected to that which Is in your heart? A song so deep, it casts away Any fears with a divine light. So as to heal that … More Intertwined Worlds


A mask careens slowly To the cold floor. A trail set a blaze. A fire burned for much time, Hanging in the purgatory of A flier that left Years ago. The mask continues its decent, As the fire takes on a ghoulish perception, Sunken deep into the depths Of a fading dream. A fading time, … More Sincerly

The Road

I rise up and dive Into the day headfirst. No filter no parachute To hold me from falling further Into the light at the end of The Road. Another day another path Another chance to pave a Powerful message to be sewn Into everlasting story. Endings can be insane, Sort of like envisioning an instance … More The Road

Shadow Love

Finding love in the… Shadows… Can be a very daunting task. You know the sort of daunting Haunting that happens When you wake up at 3 AM,  and Have the perception that  a monstrous Tree is reaching into your bedroom Window to snatch you up Like a helpless rag doll. Only… you discover that After … More Shadow Love

Austere Harvest

Feed the austerity That bends your mind Against Dali’s persistence Nurture the soil With a hive of serenity Harvest the fruits Of thy peculiar labor And celebrate a wish Sewn into cosmic void