The Importance of the Dark Side

The other day I had this profound realization. It came after watching the new Star Wars movie, which provided me a mixed reaction. I’m not saying the movie was bad, I quite enjoyed it. However, when I go to watch movies, I’m looking to absorb information. I look at the plot, the emotional and mental capacities of the characters, the words spoken, everything. For me, it is not simply entertainment. For me, I’m looking at the underlying the message the creator had in mind. Now of course, I can never 100% know this message, for I have not the mind of the creator, however, I can discern right? Without giving the movie away if you haven’t already seen it, I came to this astonishing conclusion, that I hope will alter your perspective on life. In order for the “darkness” to have power it must manipulate the “light”.

I want you to think about these concepts of duality. White versus black. Light versus dark. Good versus evil. In every instance, the darkness or “the bad guys” have to derive their energy from somewhere right? Think of the moon. It reflects the sun’s energy to provide light and show what is hidden in the shadows. Without the sun, the moon would just be a dull, spherical rock in the sky. However, the moon is the guardian of the night. In fact, night is only one letter off from light. Think of any movie that has a “bad guy” or even in real life. Say corporations that do underhanded work and harm society and the environment. They can be seen as evil right? However, if their true intent was to be evil, would they not come right out and say it? Unless you’re psychotic like the Joker, then no. They wouldn’t survive. Nobody in their right mind would actively support someone or some entity they clearly stated to be “evil”.

Darkness prevails by deceit and masquerading as positive. A company that dumps toxic chemicals into nature would probably make the argument that they are not evil because they provide some sort of product. The waste is simply a byproduct that can’t be helped, and the fact that people continue to support said company by buying their product, means that their “dark” practice of allowing waste is justified. You see how that works? If someone tries to sell you something that is bad for you, they will use commercials and put on a play to show you that it can benefit you. You’ll get the house of your dreams, the partner of your dreams, the car, the wealth, if you drink this beer. Dance in the streets with us, as we drink gallons of beer to our hearts content, and you will have no ill side effects. We all know these commercials glorify products that are bad for us. So why don’t we listen to our gut? It is because we are still falling for the masquerade.

Now, I’m not saying that these people or companies or entities are inherently evil. I am simply saying they are manipulating light and that is what people are attracted to. People are afraid of the dark, which is why we try so hard to avoid it. However, what you resist persists, and that is a root cause for all of the calamity in this world, on the grandest scale and the smallest. Nobody wants to get dirty and actually go into the dark, because they associate it with negativity and evil.

We wouldn’t know anything in the solar system existed without the light of the sun. However, we must know that these planets, rocks, and whatnot would be there anyways if there were no light. You just couldn’t see them. They are not masquerading in the dark, they are not hiding, they just simply aren’t illuminated. What does this mean? It means that we don’t have to be afraid of the dark, because it simply doesn’t exist. In order for there to be darkness, there has to be an absence of light. Darkness would have no enemy, and therefore would not be seen as negative. However, this is simply not the case. In order for “darkness” to gain power it must manipulate and show how the “light” is weak. Considering the above, this is moronic to believe. Especially if one takes into consideration that darkness would have no need to gain power from the light if its power derived from a different source.

One thing is guaranteed. All energy comes from one place, and that is source. Darkness is simply an expression of that source and plays as the counter to light. We perceive it as negative and we pit these two, seemingly diametrically opposed forces against each other, when in actuality, they are working with each other. As a species that is constantly looking to advance itself, how can we know how to improve if we don’t experience darkness and negativity? We should not reject the dark side, we should embrace it, for therein lies undiscovered solutions to further our advancement. Instead of treating people as evil and leaving it at that, we should explore why we perceive them to be evil in the first place. If we simply attack it, the natural response would be for that darkness to retaliate.

Maybe the darkness has the way? In fact it probably does, because it is showing us something we did not have clarity on before. There’s no need to be afraid of the dark if you shine a light through it. In fact, it is in darkness, meditation, closing our eyes, sleep dreams, where we gain the most awareness. It is allowing us to go into those places that we were told were forbidden to discover that the truth was there all along. Truth is neither light nor dark. It is both simultaneously, oscillating back and forth to create the perception of this reality you and I are experiencing. It is my hope that by reading this, you will come to the awareness that if darkness has a mask on, then why be afraid of something that is faking it to make it? Masks are meant to hide the truth. Uncover that truth, and you will see that maybe, just maybe, they were right all along. After all, that is their experience, and we should respect that. And if we finally take off these masks, we can see the issue for what is really is, something completely treatable and something we can ascend past.


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